Youtube Tutorials: How to Slay the Cheap Synthetic Wigs and Hair Extensions For that Fantasy Look Part 2

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Youtube Tutorials: How to Slay the Cheap Synthetic Wigs and Hair Extensions For that Fantasy Look Part 2

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For the second part of our blog post on hair, we are going to slay the cheap synthetic wigs to give us that fantastical luxurious hair look.

Synthetic wigs are a great way to help transform our hair to something else we desire for our hair in almost an instant, whether turning thin wispy hair to a lush bouncy one, changing up your look from pixie to long wavy curls, or wanting that hot pink hair for a night out without having to dye your hair; wearing wigs simply allows us to easily change our hair look as often as we want without doing anything permanent to our real hair, we can have our cake and eat it!

 So let's find out how to slay those cheap synthetic wigs with DIY techniques and tips from some of the best wig experts on Youtube.


Here are 3 great beginner videos by 3 different women with different types of original hair going through their thing but maybe slightly differently, just so we get a broad idea of things to look out for when wearing any wig and make it look natural on us.


Original hair: Medium-Long


Original hair: Pixie 


Original hair: Afro


Now, some of the steps in detail


How to: cut the lace off the wig




How to: pluck the hairline of the the wig for a more natural look




We know everyone has their own type of hair and hair issues, so here are some tips and hair hacks to some common hair issues.


How to: hold down and secure the lace wig more with some glue




How to: fit thick long hair under a wig




How to: trim and layer the wig




How to: dye a synthetic wig



Voila! Now it is time for you get totally creative with your hair transformation!

Read Part 1 on slaying hair extensions here.

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