Youtube Tutorials: How to Slay the Cheap Synthetic Wigs and Hair Extensions For that Fantasy Look Part 1

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Youtube Tutorials: How to Slay the Cheap Synthetic Wigs and Hair Extensions For that Fantasy Look Part 1

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No one wants a bad hair day, so why not take some time (maybe just a few hours) to learn how to give yourself a good hair day, Everyday, forever!

Even with the best of clothes, if we feel that our hair is too thin, too wispy, too short, too dull, colorless, or just not having the right look we desire, we are still going to head into feeling bad for the most part of the day. Luckily for us, we now have in our hands the power to control that mood and game changer; we can literally give ourselves a good hair day, with the help of hair wigs and extensions!

With wigs and extensions, we can easily create an improved look of ourselves to make us feel sexy, attractive and empowered.

There are now hundreds and thousands of Youtube tutorial videos on how to use wigs and hair extensions to slay the look, from adding hair to create a more voluminous head to wearing a colored wig so you don’t have to dye your hair.

So this is the first part of our two-part blog post on hair. Part 1 is on hair extensions, and Part 2 will be dedicated to wigs. Here are some tutorials which we like and hope they can help kickstart your beautiful hair days.

 A Short Introduction to Hair Extensions

This is a cute little introduction by Missy Sue to the different types of hair one can achieve with the help of clip in hair extensions,

“ I am using Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions and will show you how to clip them in for 5 different hairstyles including a half up style, side braid, ponytail, high bun, and low side bun.”



And then a great one on 11 creative ways to wear clip in extensions by Niki Sky



Some Hair Extensions Myths Explained



Before moving on to the more detailed tutorials, I know you may have one thousand and one questions about how these tutorials may work for your kind of hair. Here are some tips and tricks for overcoming the less than perfect types of hair.


For those with fine thin hair




How to blend, how to make the hold longer lasting, how to make it look more natural when extending near your face, how to get rid of stray shorter hair near neckline, and tricks for girls with thin hair



For those with Pixie cut



And then there are also tons of hair hacks tutorials out there...


How to trim and layer your hair extensions



How to dye synthetic hair extensions



Hair extensions care tips



Finally, a few detailed tutorials for some of the more popular hair styles that I bet must have caught your eyes.



Half Up pony extension secrets by Desi Perkins.
In this video, Desi Perkins not only shows you how to create the celebrity ponytail look, but also shares with you the “tricks and wizardry” she learned from celebrity hairstylists.




Dutch Braids




Adding coloured hair extensions to Dutch braids:



Dutch braids with ponytail:



Mohawk braids



French braids




So our beautiful readers, this is by no means an exhaustive list of what we can do to our hair to give us the extra good feeling. Everything more you need to know can be found on Youtube, we will continue to update this list with new videos when we spot them, cuz having beautiful hair and good hair days is gonna be lifelong and we won’t stop... :)


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