Staying social: how to stay in touch during Covid-19 lockdown

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Staying social: how to stay in touch during Covid-19 lockdown


As lockdown measures like social distancing become a reality, the thought of meeting people gets doubly and triply questioned. How weird is that? Being the social animal that we are, where is the joie de vive if we cannot connect with anyone? Without meeting them physically, how do we stay in touch with our family and friends, and still keep it real and fun?


Get a videoconferencing app

The first part of this question involves finding out which video group chat apps are out there, how accessible they are, and how safe they are. It is only obvious that we at Luvthisgirl do not assume expertise and authority in such technical area. BUT we are good at sniffing out quality stuff, and that includes the people giving out quality technical information. So, here is the link to a good article by Barbara Krasnoff at The Verge on the latest videoconferencing apps all of us can take advantage of during this lockdown.

The second part of the question is where we can come in as ourselves as we truly enjoy making a party wherever and whenever we can!

As the saying goes, unusual times call for unusual measures, and before turning desperate, we can throw convention out of the window and have fun creating big party moments around these online chats with our family and friends. Out goes those impromptu video chats, and in comes video chats that are planned ahead of time. Just like planning a physical meet, these online meets can take up requirements where the physical meets left us... we message each other what time we will meet, we will tell each other what we will do at the party, and we will then dress up and get ready. And to take it up a notch, we go theme! How about getting fun out of dressing to the theme?


Have a theme.

Having a theme goes a long way in creating even more vivid shared experiences for these online meets. Imagine everyone appearing before the camera wearing a theme, or at least the best interpretation of that theme; making the same drink or the same type of drinks, eating off themed snacks or follow through a common recipe downloaded from the internet and show off how well you have made that dish from that one same recipe?


What kind of party doesn't have games? So what games to play with each other, remotely, at this party? We might surprise ourselves if we start to start creatively to solve any problem. Here are some that we have traditionally engaged at parties but seem quite easy to transformed into remote versions.


Charades. Once we split into two teams and have our own team group chat on some mobile messaging app, we can easily discuss about what word or words for the charade. The guessing team selects a team member to receive the words in a private message and then start to act out the words for his or her team members to guess within a time limit.


Pictionary. For this game, instead of guessing the charade words from acting, we guess from a team member’s drawings.


Boardgames. Surprisingly, boardgames can be played remotely as long as each one of us has in our hands a set of dice. Now we just need the host with the physical board to help draw the cards and move the pieces around. Popular classic boardgames like Monopoly and Trivia Pursuit can be played this way.


Scrabble Go. And then there are traditional games that have been brought online, like Scrabble, a popular word game that most people already know how to play. Invite each other to enter into the game with this online version available free for iOS and Android.


Karaoke. How about some wild wacky sing-a-long fun? Here is how a group of people are doing remote group karaoke in a really fun way.


Maybe there is one aspect of online party that may actually win over a physical one.

You can have your very own One World Concert with your family and friends. Simply, you would not think of going to a party with your musical instruments, but with a virtual meet, you can just reach out to your instrument tucked in a corner of your home and start to perform, even on an impulse.



Let the party begin again!