How to Cope with a Lockdown: How is Everyone Else Coping?

How to Cope with a Lockdown: How is Everyone Else Coping?

We are ever more united in spirit during this lockdown of the century... the last one being 100 years ago in the 1918 Spanish flu... so yes it is the lockdown of the Century(!)... in our ways of being "infected", thankfully not by the Zombie virus like in all those Zombie movies, but by endless bouts of silly crass crazy manoeuvres :)

Let's check out how others are coping!


First off... oh well, this isn't others, this is all of us. No??

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Hello friends, good afternoon🥱

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We dance, some look like for the first time in a lifetime


While some do a killer combo of a daily workout with a daytime Night Out, all in one fell swoop. Oh wait, that's the ever effervescent London Hughes!



Try making isolation videos that break viewing records... or better still, just chill out and enjoy those that are breaking records 💜



 Time to hit the road, for grocery shopping, yay! But only if you are absolutely totally covered, and look wonderfully cute in(side) the costume. 


Thank God some things happen naturally to help us kill some time as we go about our daily lockdown life


When washing hands become the focus of our life, we start dressing up for the occasion

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#washyourhands 🎶@netherfriends

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And some decided to learn games app development and created one on the fly!



How the romantic ones are coping


And how the a-romantic ones cope


And whatever everyone is doing to cope, or trying to cope, there is this one thing that keeps us awake every night 

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😞 👉🏾(via: thekillakay_/twitter)

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AND we live to tell the story to the next generations... peace out sweetpeas!