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Covid19 Lockdown (bLock)busters

As the world come to terms with not having lockdown relief from the novel coronavirus Covid19 pandemic in sight, at least not in the near future, our forward planning skill to get on as much as we can in life gets severely tested and all plans derailed... travel plans get canned; lunches, dinners, clubbing nights, house parties and any form of social mingling become taboo; national exams and graduation ceremonies postponed while prom night dreams dashed; gym and kick-boxing sessions come to a standstill; birthdays, bachelorette parties, and even weddings get passed over... it is time to explore, rethink and revisit the pastimes we have forgotten to follow through with in those good times past, but that work, even more so now:

1. Reconnect with Family and Friends.

2. Enjoy a Good Read. Remember those books you had wanted to read? Or check out this list.

3. Binge on Blockbuster Films.

4. Get back to Learning something.

5. Check out what other people are doing to cope.